Dear au pair,

Hello. We are a family living in BeiJing. Our hometown is Harbin. Papa is doing food business; mama stays at home and takes care of the whole family. We have 2 boys, Tony, 11, he is a lively boy, also considerate. Johnson, 2, he is lovable and naughty, and is learning how to speak right now. Grandparents sometimes live with us, they are kind and nice person. All of us love sports, such as football, basketball, pingpong, tennis,


We live in a single house with a yard, there are fruit trees, pool, grass land there. We have a green house to plant vegetables. Schools, park and a farm are 5km away, supermarket is 2km away. The international exhibition center near our home often has exhibition activities. We could teach you to cook Chinese food, play chess, visit cultural places and so on.


Normally we all get up early, then papa goes to work, the kids go to school. Mama stays at home, does housework. After dinner, we usually play table tennis or watch TV. The kids study and play.

I hope you can play with the kids, help them to form good habits. Teach them English. Share some light housework. You should respect the elders in the family. No dirty talk, no lies.



We will talk to you often and help you to fit in. join in the family and social activities with us. Bring you to visit the famous sites and scenic spots to enjoy the Chinese culture.We could talk to each other often, go out to have fine together.

Don’t wait, add me as your favourite family that means you knocked my door. I will open my warm family door, and welcome you to my family.


Best wishes