China has become the world’s second largest economy as the largest population country in the world. China’s role on the world political and economic stage is becoming more and more important. To experience Chinese culture and learn Chinese language becomes a popular choice among the foreign youths. To do Au Pair in China is the best way for youths to open your minds about China.


1. Au Pair in China to experience real Chinese culture

To live with a real Chinese family for several months, it will force you to experience Chinese culture in a local Chinese way. You will understand a lot of Chinese life philosophy. In the future if you do any work related to China, you will easily find a friendly way to get along with Chinese people.

2. Au Pair in China is the most economical way to live in China

To do Au Pair in China, you don’t need to pay money for your recommendation and meals. You can also get allowance and flight reimbursement from your host family which will cover your flight tickets and life expense in China. You can also get free university courses in China. Professional Chinese university education will help you improve your Chinese skills very quickly. You almost don’t need to pay any money to lead a happy life in China by doing Au Pair in China.

3. Au Pair in China perfectly combined your study and work

In the morning, go to university to study Chinese with friends from all over the world. In the afternoon, go back to your host family, play or teach with your host kids in a warm atmosphere as your Au Pair work duty. Your host Chinese family can help you with your Chinese study. You don’t need to worry about boring boss or strict work schedule. Au Pair in China just help you perfectly combined your study and work in China.

4. Au Pair in China provides you the best opportunity to travel in China

Au Pairs can travel with your host family without paying any fees. Every week you have one day off, you can visit around your city. On holidays, you can travel with your host family. Especially in summer or winter holidays, you will enjoy a long journey together with your host kids. Maybe go to the seaside or travel from North to South, you will attract by beautiful sceneries in China

5. Au Pair in China you will never feel alone or helpless

Going abroad is never an easy thing. Complex procedures always make you headache. If you don’t have a good guide, you may waste money and time, even accidently be involved in illegal work. We will guide step by step. We have guidebook for every step. You will feel always be supported from the day you plan to go to China. When you arrive in China, your local coordinator will help you take over the cultural shock you may have with your host family. We organize cultural activity every month. You will meet new friends in your university. So you will never feel alone or helpless in China.

6. Au Pair in China gives you the second home in China.

Even after you doing Au Pair in China, you will never lose your relationship in China. You will have your second home here. Maybe you continue your study in China or start your business from China. Whatever, your Au Pair in China experience will be your unforgettable memories and cherish treasure for all your life.


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Why Au Pair in China?