I am Ms Wang and I am a company worker. My husband is a landscape engineer. We have a cute daughter named “Qingqing” who is 9 years old. We are a lovely family and live in Beijing, China.

First I want to say something about my daughter. When she is only 2 years old, she pointed the global map and said to me: Mom, have you been these places? This made me remember my dream when I was a kid. I expected to travel to everywhere in the world, but I didn’t realize it. So I didn’t want my daughter have the same regret when she became a Mom. So I thought, if I couldn’t go to every corner of the world, I will try to move the world to my home. So I decided to invite Au Pairs to my home.

Our first Au Pair is Neinei. Her mom is from Thailand and her dad is from Netherland. At that time, Qingqing is only 3 years old and couldn’t speak English, but it can’t stop their communication. They always laid on the floor and drew abstract pictures on my floor and walls. Our second Au Pair is Sara from Ecuador. She is very pretty and always with smiles. She has unstoppable secrets with Qingqing. The third one is Tamara and she is from Mexico. She stayed with us 1 year and a half. She really treated Qingqing as a younger sister and when we visited Mexico she welcomed us a lot. Marcin is from Poland and he is our first male Au Pair. Luckily he had a good time with Qingqing. They played LEGO and rode bicycle together. We also had another Au Pairs Sindy and Juanita. We had too many good memories with them and my daughter not only learnt languages with them but also immersed in different cultures. She opened her eyes to the world and she also learnt how to help others and always be positive in her life.

I know Au Pairs come to an unknown country and family, they must have many difficulties. I told every Au Pair in my family that you live in my home for one year or a half, I hope every day you are happy. In the future when you remember us, I hope you have all good memories. At any time, if you want to come to Beijing, please remember, you have a Chinese family here. Here is not your hotel and here is your family. We do effect together and you will adapt to your new life very quickly.

We hope our next Au Pair you can speak good English. If you can speak French that will be perfect. Because Qingqing is learning French and you can help her a lot. Now her English skills are good and she can read original English book. I hope you can read together with her and tell her what you know around the books. I hope you love to play with kids. Qingqing will be your cute sister. I hope you can share happy and unhappy things and explore new things together every day. I hope you will like my cooked food. From Monday to Friday, in the morning you will go to Beijing Union university near my home and study Chinese there. At 3:30, pick up Qingqing from school. You can discuss your work schedule details with Qingqing. We do not give her much study pressure, so you can get along relaxed and happily.

Thank you for read my long letter. I still have a lot to share with you. We hope you can choose us and let’s start an amazing Au Pair life together!! Welcome again and a big hug.