Chinese focus on the daily necessities of life which are; “衣” which means“clothes”,“食”which means“food”,“住” which means“accommodation” and “行” which means“transportation”. These four aspects of life cover the majority of human needs on earth. These aspects also depict the level of development in a society. Here we will discuss the basic necessities of life in China.

“衣” What do Chinese people wear in their daily life?

During my time in China, I noticed that some foreigners who have never been to China always get the impression of Chinese clothes style from Chinese movies. Some thought Chinese people always wear dark blue and black shirts and blue jeans from Chinese 80’s or 90’s old movies. While others thought Chinese people wear traditional clothes like in the old Kungfu movies and that Chinese women wear “qipao” everyday.

























The truths is, in most developed cities like Beijing or Shangjai, Chinese people wear the same mordern style clothing like other big cities in the US or in European counties. Chinese people buy their clothing from big shopping malls and chained brands like “ZARA”, ”H&M”, ” Uniqlo” and prices tend to be the same as other coutries, these stores also offer regular sales. China also has established Chinese clothing brands like “VERO MODA”, ”ONLY” and ”BROADCAST”. They are all well recognised fashion clothing brands.


In some market, you can find very cheap and affordable shirts and jeans. Though, Chinese people tend to shop online for cloths recently. Big eccormerce Internet brands like “Taobao” allow Chinese people find whatever they need on the Internet. If you are a girl visiting China, I can promise you, you will fall crazy in love with Taobao.


“食”What do Chinese people eat in their daily life?

Some foreigners have misconceptions about Chinese foods. It’s generally assumed that Chinese people eat cats, dogs, strange worms, and even mice. I can assure you, when you arrive in China, you will not find this in any restaurant. Also, most foreigners assume Chinese people eat only spring rolls, which is the most common Chinese food in the USA.



There is so much food in China, with so much variety; with certainty I can say you really can’t eat everything. Chinese food is very healthy too as, a lot of vegetables and fruits are served in every restaurant you visit, even at home. Chinese people main dishes are grain cereals, steamed buns and steamed stuffed buds made of flour. Chinese people are very particular about the balance of meat and vegetables. They have many kinds of ways of making food. When you arrive in China, you will fall deeply in love with roast duck, hot pot, and “Gongbaojiding”. It is difficult to introduce Chinese food in a simple paragraph. The only way to understand the Chinese diet is to come to China and immerse yourself in a colorful Chinese food ocean.









“住” where do most Chinese people live?

China has the largest population in the world. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the cost of living is usually quite high. Only the middle class or very rich can afford to live in villa’s or houses in the city, while a few apartments are affordable to rent or buy. So when choosing a place to live in China, you should pay consider the living expenses in each city.



















“行”Is the transportation in China convenient?

The transportation system in China is “Fantastic” Although China is very large, transporting through the city is really convenient. Almost all the big cities in China have airports. In under 4 hours, you can fly from the north to the south of China. If you make reservations early, you could get discounts on flight tickets. The China’s high-speed rail system is so great. Travelling at about 300 km/h, makes the cities seem closer. Travelling from Beijing to Shanghai is similar to travelling from Paris to Berlin, which takes about 5.5 hours. The high-speed rail is very comfortable; the scenery while you travel is gorgeous. If own a car in China, youre sure to get to where youre going quickly. While youre in China,  taking the subway will become a part of your life. The subway is convenient and cheap with no hold ups or delays. Finally, the best of transportation is the shared bikes. The shared bikes are located on every street. You simply just scan the QR code on the bikes and ride away. When you arrive at the destination, just leave the bike at the street side and lock it. Its so cheap!










China is rapidly developing with a lot of opportunities for foreigners to develop their careers or skills. So don’t be nervous about China, you will adapt quickly to your new life and gain great experiences.

Daily Life in China---“衣食住行”