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Family Letter of Introduction

Dear Au Pair,
I am Jing Shi. I am 34 years old. I was an engineer, but now I stay at home and take care of all my
family. My husband is Mr Du. He is a business man and very busy with his work. You can call him
Lao Du. Our daughter is 9 years old. Her English name is Alisa and she is at Grade 3 in the
primary school. When she meets someone first time, she is a little shy. But when she is familiar
with you, she is very active. She can understand the daily conversation in English, but can’t
speak very well. She likes drawing, reading and swimming. Now she is studying playing piano,
drawing and tennis. In our home, we have 2 cats. The older sister is Mitao (in Chinese it means
sweet peach) and the younger brother is Migua (in Chinese it means sweet melon). They are very
very lovely.
My husband works hard and very busy. He frequently has business travel. So normally in my
home only me and Alisa and 2 cats. Normally every morning I cook for kid and then send her to
school. And then enjoy my time. I will do something I like. When Alisa comes back from school, I
sometimes play with her, sometimes help her with homework. In the weekend, host Dad comes
back, we will have family activity together. We go out to enjoy good food and have fun around our
home. Maybe watch a movie or some nice performances. When we have several day holidays,
sometimes we go to visit Alisa grandparents. Sometimes we travel around. When you come, we
like to take you together enjoy our travelling.
We hope you are a kind, honest, passionate, self-disciplined person. We hope you and Alisa will
become sisters. I expect you can teach me some English. And we can help you study Chinese.
Sincerely welcome you come to my home.

Host mom Jing