Dear , welcome to my family!


We all are very happy for you to come to our family,and we also looking forward to your coming, we hope in the next six months, we can become a family, and for sure we will treat you as a family member, and we hope you will learn more about china culture.


Every family have their own rules and habits, we understand and follow that ,so as mantou's teacher and friend,we hope you can show your positive side to mantou, for example, your language , your behavior and the cleaness of your room, when mantou knock your door wants to play with you , we hope the room is clean that also can be an good example for him.



Teaching schedule:


Teaching Mantou English is the most important things for you, we hope you will be happy for that,not just work for it.

•            每天的学习内容一定包括简单实用的句子,因为只学习单词无法让孩子学会英文的交流,这一点很重要!

•            We want you to teach him some useful sentences , which can use in daily life ,because if he only know the words but dont know how to use it, it doesn't help.

•            每天学习英文+共同游戏时间不少于2小时

•            Everyday study and play together with Mantou not less than 2 hours.

•            与孩子沟通需要尽量使用英文,增加孩子听力和口语的能力

•            Use English when you communicate with Mantou, to improve his speaking and listening.

•            学习英文要有教学计划,每周日将下周的学习计划告知家庭,需要写清楚每天学习的内容,单词有哪些 句子有哪些,采取什么样的方式教学(比如想带孩子做实验,手工,画画等),如果需要道具请在计划中写清楚,以方便家庭做准备。家里有一系列英文课本,也可以按照课本来逐步的教授英文,每周计划可以跟妈妈一起制定,提出你的计划,妈妈进行补充和建议。

•            We hope you have teaching plans, every Sunday told us whats your plan for next week,list out the details ,what you plan to teach him everyday, the words and sentences you plan to teach,or in which way you want to teach him ,for example , drawing or handwork ,etc ... if you need any materials you also can tell us , we will prepare for you. There also some English book at home , you can use that, also can follow that. The teaching plan you can make with host mom,if the host mom have any suggestions she will tell you.

•            每周末对本周学过的内容进行复习,复习时间也要列入周计划

•            Review what you guys have done during that week on weekend, that also should be a part of the plan.

•            在黑板上写英文一定要清晰,不连笔

•            When you writing on the board should be clear to see.The head writing should be neat and clean.

•            每天结束教学和游戏后,睡觉前,请带领并帮助孩子整理好他的玩具,养成良好习惯。

•            Everyday after teaching, before sleep , take Mantou to arrange the toys ,have good habit.



About Chinese Studying:


We know that learning chinese is your main purpose to come to China, so if you want to know how to say in Chinese , just feel free to ask us, dont feel shy, and when you say it wrong ,we will correct it .If you want after you teach Mantou, we can teach you Chinese i think it will be good for you, and learn more Chinese in short time.



•            家庭以中餐为主,如果你很喜欢吃什么,或是不喜欢吃什么,请告诉家庭妈妈。

•            We used to have Chinese food , if you want to eat something just tell us and if you dont eat anything,just feel free to tell us. 



•            每周清洗一次个人衣服

•            Wash your own clothes once a week.

•            每两周清洗一次床品,包括床单 被罩 枕套

•            Every two weeks wash your bedsheet include pillow cover ,bedsheet,etc.

•            个人衣物放入衣柜和箱子里面,不能在房间随处堆放,每天起床后要把床品整理整齐,屋内物品摆放整齐

•            keep your clothes in the closet , dont put it everywhere in the room, every morning after you get up just make the bed, put everything in order,

•            食品垃圾请放在厨房垃圾桶

•            Food rubish throw in the kitchen dustbin.

•            卧室和床上不要吃东西,会弄脏床单无法洗掉

•            do not eat on the bed ,that will dirty the bedsheet and it's not easy to wash it.




Daily life :


We hope you can join every part of the the family activities, do not always in your own room , that will be boring . we can talk , we can watch TV together , play games and some other things also, also can share fun stories with us etc.. maybe we have a little problem during the communitation but thats fine, we can improve that.


The character of Mantou


We just list some character of Mantou, so it's good for you to know him,and make him to accept you.

•            馒头的专注力非常差,所以在学习英文的时候,他很难在椅子上安静的坐着,总是动来动去,这样会导致他的学习速度慢。做为老师的你一定不要着急,要带着他一遍遍的多念这些单词或是句子,大部分时候需要几十遍的重复才能让他记住,一定不要着急,有耐心,因为英文在他看来真的非常难。孩子就像一台老式的电脑,没有大人那么快的反应理解能力和记忆能力,所以请你一定有耐心不要着急,在发音的时候要慢,让他能够听清,多次重复领读。

•            Mantou can't pay attention for long time, so when you teach him, he can not sit quietly on the chair, always move around,that make him cannot focus on study ,that time you need have patient with him, repeat the words and the sentences several times then he will remember,but that time you need more patient. He is not adult so his memory and understanding will not be like us , so dont be rush , just take time , he will understand.

•            馒头是个非常典型的男孩子特征,但又没有一般的男孩子那么淘气和捣蛋,他最喜欢的玩具是乐高和各种工程车,喜欢跟建筑有关的东西,不太喜欢运动(这一点和爸爸妈妈有关,爸爸妈妈不喜欢运动,其实孩子还是应该多运动)

•            As he is a boy, he have all the boys character but he will not be so naughty , he likes cars and lego, he likes everything about the architecture,but he dont like sports,maybe because we dont like , but i think for the kid he should do some sports sometime.

•         馒头的耐心不足,有时候遇到难题会退缩,如果出现这样的情况,需要大人给于他鼓励和行动上的支持,带领并帮助他完成难题,树立信心。

•            He dont have much patients , if he had some problems or some trouble, he wants to quiet, that time we need to encourage him , and help him to solve the problems, give him confident.

•            孩子总会犯错误,当他出现错误或是表现不好的时候,一定要马上指出并批评他,要求他做出道歉和改正,告诉他为什么错了,正确的做法是什么样的。

•            The kids always make mistake, so when he made mistake or not perform good , you need to point it out immeditaly,tell him he did wrong and correct that, tell him why he is wrong, and what is the correct thing to do.




•            出门前请关闭空调和电灯

•            Before leave the house switch off  the air conditioner and the light.

•            休假或是请假,请提前一天告知妈妈

•            If you want holiday, tell the host mom one day before.

•            如果你的身体不舒服生病了,请马上告诉我们,不要自己一个人处理或忍耐

•            If you are sick or not feel well, just tell us immediately, dont handle it by yourself.

•            如果有什么事情让你不高兴,请及时的跟我们沟通,告诉我们你为什么不高兴,因为我们的文化差异比较大,我们无心的言语可能会让你不舒服,如果你不说我们就不知道,这样不利于我们的相处。同样,如果我们有什么也会向你说明。

•            If something make you unhappy or not comfortable , just fell free to tell us, and tell us the reason , we can solve together , because of the culture different, maybe sometime we didnt mean it but for you it's not comfortable,if you didn't tell us , we will never know that,and that also not helpful for us to live together.If we have any idea we also will tell you.

•            作为父母,我们希望通过你和我们的共同努力,让孩子学习好英文,也请你理解我说了这么多,谢谢你!

•            As parents , we hope we can work together to improve his English, again thank you for understanding,!