The Sunny Au Pair program provides the opportunity to offer those who are interested in China, the chance to learn mandarin in a Chinese university, discover a different culture from an immersive Chinese host family, gain international friendship and travel in China- Our programs are absolutely FREE for you!

Our 3 - 12 month China program combines the best of homestay, au pair and educational journey in one program, including Chinese classes in university and first class support of your individual assigned local coordinator. You will live in a Chinese host family and take care of their children with strong focus on language and international education (no housework). In a short time you will find yourself deeply integrated into a modern Chinese family. In combination with our language courses this is the perfect way to learn Mandarin and understand the Chinese culture from inside out. At the same time our program is the perfect starting point for further engagement in China!








1.  Match a good Chinese host family.

All Sunny Au Pair host families are located in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. We provide host families profile including “family information form”, “A letter”, “photos and videos”. We also arrange video interviews with disposed host families.

2. Contracts and Guidebooks.

We provide contracts between the Au Pair and host family. Detailed Au Pair work schedule protect Au Pair’s right. Our guidebooks provide detailed information about every step during your Au Pair process.

3.  Free one or two semesters Chinese courses in university

All Au Pairs are provided Chinese classes in our cooperated university or language institutes. Our Beijing cooperated university is Beijing Union University. A 6 month program will take one semester courses. And 12 month program will take two semesters courses. All the Chinese classes are from 9:00am to 12:00am from
Monday to Friday. All the university tuition is paid by host family.

4. 2000 RMB Au Pair allowance per month

Au Pair will get 2000 RMB as allowance while in China. This will cover almost all your expenses in China.

5. 1000 RMB flight reimbursement per month

All Au Pair's will get 1000 RMB as the flight reimbursement per month. For a 6 month program, 6000 RMB will be reimbursed covering one trip fees. For 12 month program, 12000 RMB will be reimbursed which would cover your full trip.

6. Free Recommendation and Meals

Your host family will provide a private room and 3 meals.

7. Free Visa Service.

After an Au Pair signs the agreement with SAP, we will post “The International student visa application JW202 form” to you and support your visa application to China.

8. Free Cultural Activities each month

Every month we organize cultural activity for Au Pairs, which include visiting the Great Wall, Beijing duck potluck, watching Beijing opera and more.

9. International Student Insurance

We provide international student insurance for all Au Pairs. For the insurance details, please visit

10. International student Medical Support

We provide our Au Pairs with access to hospitals and medical check-up while in China

11. Completion certificates from Sunny Au Pair International and University


After the completion of your program, our Au Pairs receive certificates with recommendations from us and our partner universities recognizing their performances 



  • Age between 18 to 27

  • Excellent English skills

  • Love kids and work experience with kids

  • Patient, positive and active. Open-minded to different cultures.

  • No criminal record

  • Good health, no disease.

  • $200 refundable deposit










Compulsory 25 hour family time per week-- -Childcare and English language tutoring. Each family has different Au Pair duties. If the host kid is at a kindergarten age, you need pay more time to play with him like LEGO, the flash cards games and etc. If the host kids are at primary school age, you need to help them with homework, read stories, teach English and other languages. Every family have their work schedule form, before going to China, this will be discussed with them.

All Chinese classes are in the morning. So a typical day will involve attending classes at the university in the morning and taking care of the host kids at home for the rest of the dayt. You will have one day off per week. You can discuss these days with your host family when you sign the matching agreement.

Au Pair Program Overview