Sunny Au Pair Program Procedure

Interested in becoming an Au Pair in China? Apply now 





The Sunny Au Pair group will reply within two business days with our basic program introduction, some general questions, and a guide for the rest of the process.







Sunny Au Pair Application Form.


Just type your answers in and send back via email.

“Dear Family” Letter

Introduce yourself! Here’s your chance to give a great first impression to prospective host families. In addition to describing your interests, personality and daily life, you’ll need to send a few pictures with your face clearly visible. The pictures should be high quality and wholesome—no club selfies, please! And don’t forget to show off your beautiful smile.


Upon receiving your application form, SAP will contact you to arrange a Wechat or Skype interview. During the interview, one of our native-English speaking coordinators or English-fluent Chinese staff will have a friendly conversation to get to know you better, and see if your personality, goals,and level of English are a good fit for our program.

Submit documents

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Sunny Au Pair program! The next step is to acquire and scan the following documents for Sunny Au Pair:

✓ copy of passport

✓ a proof of education or current enrollment (Student ID, Diploma)

✓ background check (no-criminal record)

✓ Physician's Report

✓ References

Sunny Au Pair Agreement 2018



Match a host family

After accepting you to the Sunny Au Pair Program, SAP will create a profile for you, find you a suitable host family, and send you their profile in return, including their contact information. If you like their profile as well, SAP will help you arrange a Wechat or Skype interview to get to know each other better. This process generally takes about one to two weeks.

Once you receive a family’s profile, feel free to contact them directly and frequently to get to know them! You’ll only ever be in contact with one host family at a time, and if you decide you aren’t a good match, we’ll send you another profile for a new family.

After you decided your host family, you need to sign the “Au Pair and host family agreement”. In the agreement, it arranged your responsibility and work schedule with your future host family.

Program Deposit

After matching a host family for you,SAP requires a refundable program deposit of $200/€160/£140. The deposit will be reimbursed upon successful completion of your program. You will receive instructions on how to pay your deposit after we successfully match a good host family for you.


After receiving your program deposit, SAP will apply for your university courses. Then SAP will deliver the “JW202 form” to you and guide you apply for your Chinese visa in your local embassy.


Please discuss your arrival date with your host family, book your flight upon attaining your visa, and let SAP know your flight details so we can make arrangements to pick you up when you arrive.



SAP offers all Au Pairs free international insurance while living in China. About the insurance details, please refer to the link



Welcome to China! The SAP support team will pick you up at the airport, take you to your living arrangements (host family or temporary apartment) and give you all important information and supplies, like your subway pass and Chinese SIM card. We recommend that you bring a small gift from your home country for your host family. It’s a great way to make a good first impression!


Within your first week of arrival in China, our staff will guide you through Sunny Au Pair Program Orientation. During the orientation, you’ll learn all about daily life in China, and learn strategies for building a great relationship with your host family.          




Once you’ve properly settled into your living situation and set up your weekly schedule, your adventure begins! Your daily life will include study in the university, take care and teach host kids, cultural exchange with your host siblings and plenty of time to explore your city, all backed by 24/7 support from your local coordinator.

If you have any problem with the host family, your local coordinator will try to solve the problem between you and the host family.

LI will organize amazing cultural activities in every month. You will enjoy the activities with other Au Pairs in the same city.

At the end of your time as an Au Pair in China, you’ll receive certificates both from us and your university.

Your local coordinator or host family will send you the airport and say goodbye for your Au Pair program in China.