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Free University + Homestay + Au Pair = Sunny Au Pair China Program


Would you like to study Chinese for free in a famous university in China with free accommodation and meals? We provide the opportunity for aspiring aupairs to work in China, taking care of cute children while also earning a 2000 rmb allowance per month and  a full reimbursements on your flight cost to China.


If you're looking for a bright future or an adventure in China, don’t hesitate, join our Au Pair China program.

Au pair's are provided with a free, safe and comfortable accommodation with free meals. We provide an immersive experience in the Chinese culture through trips and activities organised weekly.

Au pair's have the responsibility of working for only 25 hours weekly, teaching and taking care of the kids while also earning an allowance. Flight tickets and travel fees are reimbursed by the host family.

Au pair's receive one or two free semesters of Chinese Language classes in a great university near the host family's home.​


You can choose from the comprehensive Chinese courses, Chinese Speaking and Chinese Listening courses though by linguistics experts at the university. Participate in cultural trips, activities and make friends with international students from around the world. 

A typical Au Pair day in China

Host Families

Zhao Fengtao

March 21, 2018

Dear Au Pair,

I am the host Mom Lanlan. We are a lovely family in Beijing. My husband is very busy with his business. My son, Puyang is 5 years old and studies in a kindergarten near our home. It is the first time we invite Au Pair to our home. We hope you can become one close part of our family.

When you come to our home, in the mornings from Monday to Friday, you go to the university to take your Chinese courses.


January 27, 2018

Dear welcome to my family!

We all are very happy for you to come to our familyand we forward to your coming, we hope in the next six months, we can become a family, and for sure we will treat you as a family member, and we hope you will learn more about culture.

Jing Shi

March 28, 2018

Dear Au Pair,
I am Jing Shi. I am 34 years old. I was an engineer, but now I stay at home and take care of all my family. My husband is Mr Du. He is a business man and very busy with his work. You can call him Lao Du. Our daughter is 9 years old. Her English name is Alisa and she is at Grade 3 in the primary school. When she meets someone first time, she is a little shy. But when she is familiar with you, she is very active.

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