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Read authentic experience reports from families from Spain, Netherlands and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs and have been part of a cultural exchange

Hosting an Au Pair is exciting! Especially, if your family takes part in the program for the first time, you might have many questions. It is natural that you might also feel a little unsure whether this program is the right thing for you and what to expect from the experience with an Au Pair. Can your family deal with another person in the household? Will the children accept the Au Pair (and what if not)? And what if something goes wrong?
For this very purpose, we have gathered Au Pair experience reviews of hundreds of families who have already participated in the program and share their experience with you. Luckily, you are not the first one who thinks about hosting an Au Pair at home. Rely on the opinion of those former or current Host Families and see what they think about it. Always remember that you can learn from their example. In general, there are two things that you should keep in mind: formal and personal experience.

Formal experience

What we mean by formal criteria are things like paperwork, the visa application, setting up the contract. All of those points are very important but need a little time and effort so that everything goes well and smooth. When you see that a Host Family struggled with the contract or the visa application, for example, you can have a look at our Au Pair Wiki and educate yourself about the topic. This way you can avoid misunderstandings and a delay in time.

Personal experience

When it comes to the Au Pair program, personality is key! Even if you had to wait for months for the embassy to approve your Au Pair’s visa, being with your Au Pair, learning more about her or his culture and seeing him or her playing with your kids create unforgettable memories. What we have learnt during the years is that personal experience during the Au Pair program weighs more than any inconvenience caused by authorities and paperwork. Make sure that you and your candidate ‘click’ by setting up a video interview before the arrival. This way, you can learn more about the applicant and see if you really match.
Now, continue reading the family testimonials and see what you can learn from them. Whenever you feel ready to tackle the Au Pair experience, you can create a profile on, set up your search criteria and find your ideal Au Pair. Should you have any questions or feedback for us, you can always get in touch. We are there to help you! 

Au Pair experience of family Milena from Rota, Spain

At the moment good experience with the website. I had in the past time four different Au Pairs from this website and I found well with three of them.

Au Pair experience of family Silvia from Denia, Spain

Leigh was an excelent au pair. Was difficult after the pandemic but she did her best to finally come and stay with us. I highly recoment Leigh as a au pair. My kids loved her and had a good time with her.

Au Pair experience of family Samantha from Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Viola is a great au-pair and a very open and positive person. we had a good connection from the start and she helped us a lot with the 2 kids and was also with us from the start of our new baby. because she will start a study in september this year and from experience we know you need to start your search far in advance we start our quest now while Viola is still with us and doing a great job.

Au Pair experience of family Pia from Tübingen, Germany

We were extremely lucky to find Ana over Ana is very gifted with children, she creates a warm and nice atmosphere and supports their development in a caring environment. We like and recommend using the site, as it is very easy to use, and we actually learn a lot about the candidates reading their profiles, so we can focus on candidates who are good matches with our family.

Au Pair experience of family Daniele from Milano, Italy

We think this website great for finding our Aupairs. We would like to see an annual subscription service activated though. The new girl will be arriving shortly and it seems like she is a very sweet person. We hope to get along well.

Au Pair experience of family Marwa from Cairo, Egypt

The experience is amazing and the au pair was very unique. I will repeat the experience again :)

Au Pair experience of family Golnaz from Formigine, Italy

It was very easy to find our Au pair using this website. I like the filtering and sorting options

Au Pair experience of family MICHAEL from Colpo, France

Carolina is a wonderful person, always cheerful and very discreet about family life. She is perfect.

Au Pair experience of family Nadia from Waterloo, Canada

We were very lucky to find our first Au Pair within only a few weeks. She has been a great fit for our family and we are looking forward to repeating our experience.

Au Pair experience of family Elisa from Malnate, Italy

Adéle is a very family lady and the children love her! She's exactly the profile we were looking for as careness and politeness.

Au Pair experience of family Vallotto from Villorba, Italy

It was a very good experience, in a few days we found our ideal Au Pair

Au Pair experience of family Joshua from Landstuhl, Germany

This site is vey good and convenient for both host family and babysitter/aupair candidates.

Au Pair experience of family Andrea from Brussels, Belgium

Very good experience; reliable service; easy to find information

Au Pair experience of family Isabel from Montfort l'Amaury, France

The Au Pair website easy to use. Emma the au pair was fantastic.

Au Pair experience of family Martijn from Neerkant, Netherlands

Fast and functional. Good tips for getting to know new Au Pairs.

Au Pair experience of family Joanna from Warszawa, Poland

It's really a great experience :-)

Au Pair experience of family Jonas from Killara, Australia

We have hired most of Au Pairs from It has a large range of potential applicants and it's easy to search. More information categories would be good to improve searches

Au Pair experience of family Ingo from Gargazon, Italy

This was our second search and it took longer than the first time.... We are very excited about Zoe and have a very good feeling about her. Thank you

Au Pair experience of family Allegra from Milano, Italy

This is going to be my third experience. Thank you very much to this portal to help me find the best person for my family!

Au Pair experience of family Tania from Pontevedra, Spain

All very easy and convenient. There is all the information you need.